KIORCC is continuously conducting research to support the development of LNG infrastructures in Indonesia through collaboration opportunities with Korean companies and technology providers. KIORCC supports both investment opportunities as well as LNG supply chain technology collaboration, including liquefaction, storage, regasification, and transportation facilities.

One of the most recent research in the LNG sector is related to Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (MEMR) Ministerial Decree No. 2/ 2022 or widely known as “Kepmen 2/2022”, which stipulates the implementation of power plant gasification in Indonesia. There are 33 power plants to be converted to gas-fired plants which are listed under Kepmen 2/2022 and grouped into several clusters. KIORCC supports the collaboration with the related stakeholders in order to study the suitable plan for these clusters by bridging Korean expertise in LNG facilities to review the study.

KIORCC has been engaging with state-owned enterprises in the energy and electricity sector for the development of LNG infrastructures and transportation. Furthermore, KIORCC supports this collaboration with the purpose of accelerating the implementation of the LNG infrastructure development project by supporting inquiries from these state-owned enterprises, especially for technical references and pre-feasibility studies in partnership with Korean technology providers.