• 2023

    • The Supporting Committee for the Project (SCP) of the Decommissioning & Re-utilization Pilot Project of Platform Attaka-EB met to conclude the first offshore decommissioning project in Indonesia.

    • The Third KIOC
    • First Monitoring of the Rig-to-Reef Pilot Project

  • 2022

    • Completion of the Decommissioning and Re-utilization of the Attaka EB Platform as an Artificial Reef
    • Pre-FS for MEMR Ministerial Decree No. 2/2022 on LNG to Power.

  • 2021

    • The signing of MoU between KMOF and CMMAI on Maritime Cooperation in the Field of Offshore Plant Service Industry
    • The Second KIOC
    • The fourth FS on the Utilization of Offshore Oil and Gas Platforms for Rig to Reef and Rig to Fish Farm at the OSES Platform

  • 2020

    • The first Webinar in Collaboration with KKP on Marine and Fisheries Roles in the Energy sector.
    • The first Korea-Indonesia Offshore Congress (KIOC)
    • The 3rd FS on decommissioning and re-utilizing platforms for Kangean Energy Indonesia (KEI)

  • 2019

    • Establishment of KIORCC under an IA between KKP and KMOF
    • IA between KMOU-KKP-Pertamina to conduct Decommissioning studies
    • The First KIORCC Joint Committee Meeting
    • The 3rd Bilateral Maritime Dialogue (December)
    • The second FS for PHE-Offshore North West Java (ONWJ) was conducted

  • 2018

    The Second Bilateral Maritime Dialogue between KMOF and CMMIA.

  • 2017

    The first FS in East Kalimantan for the decommissioning and re-utilization of idle PHKT (ex. CICO) Platform.

  • 2016

    The First Bilateral Maritime Dialogue between the Korean Ministry of Fisheries (KMOF) and the Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs and Investment (CMMIA).

  • 2015

    • Pre-Feasibility Study (FS) on Decommissioning and Re-utilization of Abandoned Platforms in Indonesian
    • First Engagement with Korean Companies via Workshop on Reutilization of Abandoned Oil Rigs.
    • MoU between CMMAI and KMOF in offshore services, capacity building, and repair and maintenance of offshore rigs.

  • 2014

    Lol and IA signed between the R&D Centre of Marine and Fisheries Technology of the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries of Indonesia (KKP), and the Korea Maritime Offshore University Consortium (KMOUC).