Pilot Project Execution

The Decommissioning Pilot Project is a Government-to-Government (G2G) project and was supported by an MoU for Cooperation in the Offshore Plant Service Industry in 2021, and a 2022 Implementing Arrangement signed by both Korea and Indonesia.

This project was initiated to decommission a platform owned by Pertamina Hulu Kalimantan Timur (PHKT) in the Attaka field. For this project, PHKT worked with the Korean EPC company, KHAN, along with its consortium members to dismantle the Attaka-EB platform and help re-utilize it as an artificial reef (through a Rig-to-Reef process).

Following the arrival of the crew and vessel in Attaka in October of 2022, the dismantling process was managed to be carried out safely and successfully to its completion on 14 November 2022. The cut platform was lifted and dropped close to the shores of Bontang, where it will live out its days as an artificial reef to support the conservation of surrounding marine life.

During this process, KIORCC successfully assisted in multiple stages, from the facilitation of stakeholders and their needs; to aiding with permit applications necessary for the project.

Until 2025, KIORCC under KMOUC will continue to support the Indonesian government to carry out monitoring activities of the artificial reef. Two periods of monitoring have shown substantial growth of coral and surrounding wildlife, marking the success of the pilot project.