KIORCC Meets Nusantara Regas to Address Gas Infrastructure

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17 February 2023 – KIORCC sits with Nusantara Regas (NR) Commissioner Mr. Michael Baskoro Palwo Nugroho, and the Director of Operations and Commercial, Mr. I Putu Puja Astawa, to share points with regard to gas infrastructure development. 

When it comes to LNG infrastructure, NR exclusively provides LNG infrastructure to PLN. They are responsible for supplying three massive power plants in Jakarta, namely in the Muara Karang, Muara Tawar, and Tanjung Priok areas. 

In the meeting, it was underlined that Rig-to-LNG terminal projects have high potential and that there currently are talks for these projects to be executed. It is hoped that a pilot Rig-to-LNG project can be proposed as a G2G collaboration, similar to the Rig-to-Reef pilot project completed towards the end of 2022 by Indonesia and Korea.

In concluding this informative meeting, KIORCC is excited to see what opportunities will arise from these potential partnerships and collaborations to come with NR.