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16 February 2023 – The Vice Chairman of the Special Task Force for Upstream Oil and Gas Business Activities, or SKK Migas, Mr Nanang Abdul Manaf, met with KIORCC to learn more about the success of the Rig-to-Reef Pilot Project in Attaka, and to share the potential of other alternative options of offshore rig reutilization such as Rig-to-CCUS and Rig-to-LNG Terminal in Indonesia. 

Acknowledging the advantages of rig reutilization, Mr. Manaf also highlighted the obstacles faced with the decommissioning of offshore platforms in Indonesia. Of the hundreds of platforms constructed in Indonesian waters, only a handful have abandonment and site restoration (ASR) funding prepared for their decommissioning, as the ASR scheme was only made mandatory for platforms built after 2010. This poses a dilemma, as most platforms were constructed before 2010, and funding schemes are very difficult to conjure up.

On the topic of CCS/CCUS, KIORCC was able to share the increasing Korean interest in carbon market collaborations, as there is only one well available in Korea for carbon storage. With this matter, it was also informed that the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources is in the process of developing CCS/CCUS regulations, which will be very useful for the projection of the rapid development of the carbon market.

In preparation for the upcoming G2G level discussions under the Korea Indonesia Offshore Congress (KIOC) in March hosted by KIORCC, KIORCC is thrilled to invite SKK Migas to speak at the event for a deeper discussion on the topics.