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13 February 2023 – Pertamina International Shipping (PIS) and KIORCC concluded a productive meeting to strengthen cooperation between the Korean and Indonesian governments in the Offshore, Maritime, Fisheries, and Energy sectors. PIS, a sub-holding of the Indonesian oil and gas state-owned enterprise, Pertamina, is a company specializing in integrated marine transportation and logistics for fuel and liquefied petroleum gas.

During this meeting, the topics of discussion included potential investment opportunities, project updates, and capacity-building programs. Included in their current projects, PIS shared that they are supporting the carrier aspect of the LNG Regasification facility projects under Pertamina holding. Furthermore, they highlighted that for a lot of projects, small-scale partnering and other support will always be essential.

In addition, the subject of capacity building was brought into the discussion. Due to the increasing demand and production of LNG in Indonesia, capacity building of trained personnel is crucial to future investments in the field. Therefore, this area is one that can be further developed in the country.

Lastly, KIORCC managed to present its interest in Rig-to-CCUS and Rig-to-LNG Terminal projects. In light of the success of the Government-to-Government (G2G) Rig-to-Reef pilot project between Indonesia and Korea, and the increasing need of reducing carbon emissions, projects like these are highly attractive for both public and private sectors alike, which PIS agress with.

KIORCC is very excited to have future collaborations with PIS in the LNG development sector.