KIORCC Joins Companies for PLN EPI Site Survey in North Papua

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3-9 September 2023 – KIORCC, along with a Korean consortium and other participating companies visited PLN power plant project sites in North Papua to conduct site surveys. The primary objective of this visit was to conduct comprehensive site surveys to gather essential data for the construction of regasification facilities. These facilities are pivotal in converting fuel sources from diesel to natural gas for four prominent power plants in the region.

The first destination of the survey took the team to Biak island, home to the Biak Gas Engine Power Plant Complex (PLTMG Biak 1 & 2). These power plants boast a combined capacity of 25 MW, with 15 MW and 10 MW respectively, utilizing cutting-edge dual-fuel gas engine technology. The complex is perched on the edge of a cliff, surrounded by challenging terrain comprising limestone, coral, and swamp areas. Access to the site is severely restricted due to the very limited access road, adding to the complexity of the project.

Moving on to Jayapura, the delegation explored the MPP Jayapura and PLTMG Jayapura power plants, each with substantial capacities of 50 MW and 40 MW. These power stations enjoy a location advantage, situated near sea level and relatively close from the shoreline. The access road to the sites and the nearest port is in impeccable condition, and the proposed location for the regasification facility is primed for immediate construction, streamlining the project significantly.

The third leg of the survey took place at the Nabire power plant complex, which comprises power plants with capacities of 10 MW and 23 MW respectively. The proximity of the port, site, and airport within a 20-kilometer radius offers logistical convenience. However, the access road requires upgrading, with plans to reinforce it with new asphalt and installation of a security fence around the proposed facility location before commencing construction.

The concluding phase of the trip brought the delegation to Manokwari, where the power plant holds a capacity of 20 MW. From a construction perspective, this location stands out as exceptionally suitable, with an accommodating access road.

KIORCC is optimistic about the potential for enhanced collaboration between Indonesian and Korean businesses and governments in the offshore energy sector. This initiative underscores the commitment to support Indonesia’s ambitious journey towards carbon neutrality, ultimately contributing to a sustainable and greener future. As Indonesia strives to meet its energy transition goals, partnerships and ventures such as this one are instrumental in fostering innovation and reducing carbon emissions in the country’s power generation sector.