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Indonesia – South Korea Ready to Strengthen Implementation of Maritime Cooperation

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The Indonesian government, represented by the Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs and Investment, held the 3rd Bilateral Maritime Dialogue with the South Korean government, represented by the Ministry of Ocean and Fisheries, and other delegations. The two countries agreed during the bilateral meeting to strengthen the implementation of previous meetings.

“What is certain is that future maritime cooperation with South Korea will be clearer and better; we have previously had the first and second maritime dialogues, and this is the third. The first and second meetings went well, but the implementation is still weak. As a result, and as I have conveyed to the South Korean delegation, the implementation of these dialogues must be stronger than before “Purbaya Yudhi Sadewa, Deputy for Maritime Sovereignty Coordination of The Ministry of Maritime Affairs Marves, stated after the meeting, which was held in Jakarta on Tuesday (17-12-2019).

In addition to Deputy Purbaya, Mr. Oh. Woonyul, Deputy Minister for Marine Policy Ministry of Ocean and Fisheries, expressed his appreciation for this meeting and affirmed that it is also to strengthen implementation and achieve concrete results for maritime cooperation between the two countries.

“Our thanks to all those present here, hopefully this will further affirm our commitment to increase our bilateral cooperation in the maritime sector,” he said.

The cooperation between the two countries will be focused on four strategic sectors in the maritime field, among others, capacity building and research as well as marine development, aquaculture, marine environmental protection, port development, and maritime safety and security.

The Indonesian government is currently intensively developing national capabilities in maritime human resources. Formal vocational training and new forms of skills development, including in the maritime sector.

In the field of research and development, Indonesia wants to invite Korea in enhancing cooperation, such as, cooperation in research, development and innovation on sustainable utilization of the sea, research and technology for long-term coastal monitoring. Then, monitoring monitoring of physical and chemical marine parameters in real time. And, the exploitation of minerals on the deep seabed.

While in the field of aquaculture, South Korea has started a feasibility study on aquaculture in Natuna, where marine fishery resources, which reach more than 1 million tons per year with a total utilization of only 36% about 4.3% by Natuna regency. And, Indonesia also continues to develop various facilities in Natuna to support this. Especially related to Natuna, the two countries agreed to work together to build as other sectors in Natuna, such as infrastructure, energy, and so on.

Furthermore, related to the protection of the marine environment, Indonesia is committed to act to maintain the sustainability of the archipelago’s oceans, exploring cooperation in the form of research, development, and innovation in the sustainable use of the sea. South Korea will also cooperate with Indonesia in conducting research on the empowerment of many rig platforms in Indonesian waters, such as for fisheries. In addition, it is also explored cooperation on the dismantling of platforms (rigs) in Bontang East Kalimantan. Indonesia Korea Cooperation Center will also assist with research on oil spills. A joint commission will be established for this activity.

Related to port development, the Government of Indonesia continues to improve maritime connectivity through sea tolls and the development of 477 ports. The planned forms of cooperation with South Korea include, in developing short sea shipping, port management, and inland connectivity, joint research on coastal abrasion sedimentation dynamics, and the design of breakwater and the development of block chain technology.

Then, in the field of maritime safety and security, Indonesia welcomes the exploration of cooperation with Korea in E-Navigation.

This article was originally published in Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs and Investment (Kemenko Marves)’ website