KIORCC Organizes a Capacity Building Seminar in Offshore Energy

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24 August 2023 – KIORCC, along with the Korea Maritime and Ocean University (KMOU) organized a capacity-building seminar titled “From Shore to Horizon: Embracing Offshore Energy for Archipelagic Development”. This event was also hosted by the Korea Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries (KMOF); the Coordinating Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Investments, Republic of Indonesia (CMMAI); and the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Republic of Indonesia (MMAF).

In attendance were representatives from various government institutions and businesses, such as CMMAI, MMAF, the Ministry of Finance (MoF), the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, GAS Solution, Lemigas, Medco, Pertamina, Elnusa, and more. Honorable guests during the event included Mr. Nanang Widiyatmojo, Assistant Deputy of Navigation and Maritime Safety, CMMAI, and Mr. Arik Hariyono, Director of Valuation, MoF.

The seminar consisted of five sessions surrounding the offshore energy and decommissioning sector. The first session, presented by Mr. Seunghyun Hong, Project Manager of Asia Pacific Marine Contractor (APMC) covered the topics of decommissioning and reutilization of abandoned offshore platforms. During this session, Mr. Hong covered several decommissioning projects that APMC has been involved in.

The next session was by the Directorate General of Marine Spatial Planning (DJ PRL) of the MMAF, on monitoring updates of the Attaka Rig-to-Reef Pilot Project artificial reef off the coast of Bontang, East Kalimantan. This session provided the findings concerning the artificial reef and the development of surrounding wildlife.

Session three covered the topic of LNG value chain and cold energy utilization for cold storage. This session was presented by Dr. Youngsam Oh, Research Advisor of the Korea Gas Corporation. Continuing from this topic was a session held by Mr. Chongho Kwak, CEO of Gas Entec, who delved deeply into the subject of reutilization of abandoned offshore platforms as LNG regasification terminals.

Closing the seminar was the fifth and last session by Mr. MinJun Kim, Deputy Manager of the Korea National Oil Corporation. This last topic covered the process of reutilization of abandoned offshore platforms as carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) facilities. KIORCC and the involved institutions hope to organize more capacity-building programs such as these to strengthen and support future G2G and B2B Korea-Indonesia collaboration in offshore energy and decommissioning projects. These seminars provide a forum for learning and discussion between institutions that wish to establish the industry in Indonesia.