The 2023 Korea-ASEAN Maritime Week Event Successfully Held in Bali

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27 July 2023 – The 2023 Korea-ASEAN Maritime Week (KAMW) has been concluded this year. This year’s event, hosted and supported by the Korean Government, KOTRA, KIORCC, Gyeongnam, Gyeongnam Marine Equipment Association, the Korea Maritime and Ocean University, the Busan Marine Engineering Association, the Korea Marine Equipment Association, and the Busan Marine Equipment Association – was hosted in the Mulia Nusa Dua.

This year’s event was attended by a variety of players in the marine, offshore, and shipping industries from Korea, Indonesia, and other ASEAN countries. The purpose of this event is to provide an opportunity for participating companies to network and discuss business opportunities in their respective fields.

On the 26th of July, the KAMW was initiated by an opening ceremony and dinner event. During the opening, welcome speeches were made by a few selected VIPs such as Mr. Moon Young-ju, Consul General of Korea in Bali; Mr. Na Young-Woo, Chairman of the Gyeongnam Marine Equipment Association; Professor Oh Jin-Seok, Chairman of the Korea-Indonesia Offshore Research Center; and Mr. Kim Jun-Sung, Director General of KOTRA Surabaya.

The opening ceremony was continued by insightful presentations by the Human Heavy Industries on Hydrogen Fuel Cell Propulsion Systems, and also by KIORCC on our organization and work in decommissioning.

Following the opening remarks and presentations was the dinner event, in which accompanied by a selection of meals, participants were given the time to network and introduce themselves to other participating companies.

The 27th of July was designated as a B2B event, where ASEAN companies were able to visit the booths of participating Korean companies to learn more about their products. These participating companies also conducted one-on-one discussions with their chosen companies and had a more private environment to talk about their companies and endeavors in more detail.

The hosts of KAMW hope to continue to organize these events annually, in order to expand collaboration opportunities between Korean, ASEAN, and Oceanian companies in the marine, offshore, and shipbuilding industries.