To Support Potential Seafarer Collaborations, KIORCC Visits STIP Jakarta

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14 July 2023 – KIORCC met with personnel from the Indonesian Maritime School/ Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Pelayaran (STIP) Jakarta to discuss matters concerning the decline of Korean supply of seafarers for Korean vessels. STIP was also able to take the time to give a tour of their LNG training facilities.

During the meeting, KIORCC shared the increasing interest of Korean shipping companies to train and recruit seafarers from Southeast Asian countries. KIORCC hopes to show the development of Indonesian training academies and highly disciplined cadets to interested shipping companies for future investments.

Though having previous recruitment opportunities with Korean companies for their students, STIP is very enthused and glad that there is an interest in further supporting Indonesian students in the field. Around 40% of STIP students work for foreign vessels upon graduation, and having more exposure to opportunities abroad will be immeasurable for future shipping professionals.

STIP and KIORCC hope that Korean shipping companies will invest more in Indonesian maritime academies in order to develop more globally competent seafarers and meet global demands of manpower.