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Feasibility Studies on KEI Field

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In 2020, KIORCC conducted feasibility study for decommissioning 2 platforms in KEI field (see Figure 4).

The KEI field located in East Java, owned by Kangean Energy Indonesia (KEI)

In this study, KIORCC recommended that PUO platform can re-utilized into the Artificial Reef (R2R). Particularly, Jacket of PUO platform re-utilized into Artificial Reef and Topside can be scrap at onshore. This is based on the consideration of platform size and platform structure integrity.

For reefing strategy, Marine Research Center of Indonesia selected the Sumenep Regency area as a potential artificial reefing site and conducted field survey. In this recommendation, the main reason was that the Sumenep Regency is very close to the PUO platform location.

In case of PGC-7 platform, KIORCC recommended that PGC-7 platform can re-utilized into the Fish Farm (R2F). Because the structural integrity is still in good condition for re-use as a Fish Farm.