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Feasibility Studies on ONWJ Platforms

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In 2019, KMOU, PUSRISKEL and PERTAMINA had an Implementing Agreement for Feasibility Study on Decommissioning and Re-utilization of Oil & Gas Platforms.

In 2019, KIORCC conducted feasibility study for decommissioning 3 platforms in ONWJ field.

The ONWJ field located in North West Java Area, owned by Pertamina Hulu Energi Offshore North West Java (PHE-ONWJ)

KIORCC recommended to have an Artificial Reef (R2R) for re-utilization option.

As a reefing strategy, Marine Research Center of Indonesia, recommended Karang Bui and Biawak island area as a reefing site.

In addition, mobilization of heavy lift crane barge for removal of 3 platforms are not commercially effective. In this regard, KMOUC recommend to add min. 1 or 2 platforms for single mobilization case.