KIORCC with Universitas Trisakti Hosts Online Knowledge-Sharing Session

5 June 2024 – KIORCC and Universitas Trisakti (Usakti) jointly held an online knowledge-sharing session on Decommissioning Projects and Offshore Platform Reutilization Methods. This sharing session acts as one of the implementing activities of the Memorandum of Understanding on Academic and Research Collaborations signed by KMOUC and Usakti in February of 2024.

In attendance were the Co-Director and Researchers of KIORCC, along with the faculty and student body from varying departments of the University, most of which in Engineering. The KIORCC Co-Director, Mr. Cho Ilhyung, opened the event and stated his enthusiasm to share knowledge and build potential collaborations with the University. Mr Agus Guntoro, Director of the Office of International Affairs, Cooperation, and Culture of Usakti further provided remarks concerning his ambition to collaborate in actionable projects in the future.

The materials shared by the KIORCC speakers focused on decommissioning and rig re-utilization. For the first session, the Rig-to-Reef Pilot project which was concluded in 2022 was explained; covering engineering, regulatory, and implementation aspects of decommissioning and reefing of the Attaka-EB Platform. This topic, covered by both Korean and Indonesian speakers concluded the lessons learned in applying offshore platform decommissioning in Indonesia.

For the next session, KIORCC’s Indonesian researchers presented materials on rig re-utilization methods. The methods described included Rig-to-Fish Farm, Rig-to-CCS, and Rig-to-LNG Terminal. Furthermore, plans of project implementation of these re-utilization concepts were shared to observe in Indonesia.

KIORCC and Usakti look forward to collaborating more in the future, through more sharing sessions or other research-related matters. KIORCC hopes to increase the inclusion of academia into the decommissioning, rig re-utilization, and other offshore plant industry fields in Indonesia as a means to prepare human capacity for more projects in the future.