KIORCC Hosts First Quarterly Webinar of 2023

27 June 2023 – KIORCC hosts its first quarterly webinar of 2023 to discuss energy and offshore-related projects and updates. These webinars are conducted in order to scope potential collaboration between Indonesia and/or ASEAN and Korean companies in related fields.

Through this webinar, Korean companies were invited to participate and tune in to the information shared by representative speakers from Chevron, Synterra, Gas Solution, and Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN). The discussions revolved around the topics of decommissioning, rig re-utilization, cold energy utilization, and CCUS.

The first presentation from Chevron explained its plans for decommissioning in West Seno estimated for 2025-2027, along with underlining the required permit responsibilities of both the company and the government. For the second speaker, Synterra, decommissioning potential and procedures in Thailand was also disclosed.

The third presentation was by Gas Solution, who discussed the cold storage environment and demand in Indonesia. Lastly, PLN was able to present CCS and CCUS topics in relation to power generation in Indonesia.

Besides the technical aspect of projects in these fields, Korean attendees had the opportunity to inquire about the tender process, upcoming decommissioning projects, budgeting, and government-related approvals. There is a large Korean interest to be involved in this sector in Indonesia and ASEAN, hence KIORCC hopes to continue to provide more light on what to expect in this field within the region for these companies.