KIORCC, POSCO International, Meets CMMAI/Kemenko Marves to Discuss Offshore Potential

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22 January 2024 – KIORCC and POSCO International Corporation meets the Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs and Investment, Republic of Indonesia (CMMAI/Kemenko Marves), to discuss the Korean Government and Industry interests in Indonesia’s offshore sector. In attendance from CMMAI included Mr. Jodi Mahardi, Deputy Coordinating Minister for Maritime Sovereignty and Energy; Mr. Nanang Widiyatmojo, Assistant Deputy of Maritime Safety and Navigation; and Mr. Ridha Yasser, Assistant Deputy for Energy.

Following the Offshore Plant Service Industry Business Week event hosted in Busan on December 2023, the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries, Republic of Korea (KMOF), has voiced their reciprocal aspirations to collaborate with Indonesia in offshore-related investments as delivered through forum discussions and through an official letter by the CMMAI Deputy Minister. Among the offshore topics were decommissioning and rig reutilization methods, along with capacity development of Indonesian workers and experts.

During this follow-up meeting, KIORCC shared potential collaborations that KMOF has interests in supporting for budgetary approval from the Korean Parliament. Among these projects are Official Development Assistance (ODA) in offshore capacity building, and rig reutilization pilot projects for Rig-to-CCS, Rig-to-LNG, and Rig-to-Fish Farm.

Furthermore, POSCO International Corporation, represented by the Head, General Manager, and Manager of their CCS Commercialization Department, took the opportunity to share their interests in supporting Indonesia’s vision in becoming a CCS hub. Along with presenting their impressive track record in Global offshore investments, the POSCO team explained their aspirations in developing a Rig-to-CCS platform offshore the Western Coast of Java Island.

The Deputy Coordinating Minister voices his excitement in Korean interests for the offshore industry in Indonesia, and notes that particularly for CCS, Korea is the first country to officially initiate collaboration with Indonesia. Indonesia is developing ambitious goals for CCS development, covering cross-border CCS policies, CCS business model development, increase of competent human capacity, and strengthening downstream industry for low-carbon products.

KIORCC will continue to bridge Korean-Indonesian collaborations in the offshore plant service industry, and hopes to support the development of projects to come in 2024.