The Joint Committee on the Offshore Service Plant Industry: Governments Meet to Discuss the Industry and Conclude the Decommissioning Pilot Project

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14 March 2023 – The Joint Committee on the Offshore Plant Service Industry (JC) gathered related government officials from Indonesia and Korea to discuss activities and potential in Indonesia’s industry. 

This meeting was attended by Mr. Song Myeong-Dal, Deputy Minister for the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries of the Republic of Korea; Mr. Jodi Mahardi, Deputy Coordinating Minister for Maritime Sovereignty and Energy of the Coordinating Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Investment of the Republic of Indonesia; Dr. Miftahul Huda, Director of Marine Services of the Directorate General of Maritime Spatial Management of the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries of Indonesia (KKP); Mr. Wahju Wibowo, Director of Exploitation of SKK Migas; Mr. Mustafid Gunawan, Director of Oil and Gas Program Development of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources; and other esteemed government representatives.

This JC Meeting covered three agendas, namely the conclusion of the G2G Pilot Project for Decommissioning and Rig-to-Reef Re-utilization of Offshore Plants in Indonesia by KHAN Offshore; the monitoring plan of the artificial reef as an outcome of the pilot project by KKP; and potential collaborations in the industry by SKK Migas. All presentations were observed and understood by committee members and were well received.

Furthermore, this meeting continued with the signing of an amended Implementing Arrangement for the Pilot Project, which officially focused decommissioning on platform Attaka-EB, and specified the state contributions that were agreed upon in carrying out this project. The signing parties of the IA were Mr. Jodi Mahardi, Mr. Song Myeong-Dal, Mr. Mustafid Gunawan, and Dr. Miftahul Huda as representatives of their respective institutions.

Through projects like these, KIORCC hopes to continue supporting shared bilateral objectives to develop the offshore plant service industry of both nations.