KIORCC Visits PIP Semarang and Polimarin – Maritime Academies in Semarang, Central Java

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9 June 2023 – KIORCC visited two acclaimed Indonesian maritime academies in Semarang. These academies included the Semarang Merchant Polytechnic (PIP Semarang) and the Indonesian State Maritime Polytechnic (Polimarin).

Following the international decline of competent seafarer supplies, the Republic of Korea and the country’s maritime industry hope to develop international cooperation to support the continuation of their industries through the support and provision of trained seafarers. Through a recent MoU on the Cooperation in the Field of Maritime Transportation signed during the G20, the importance of developing this industry is emphasized.

At both institutions, KIORCC was able to meet academy personnel to discuss matters on curriculum and facility information for the training of their respective cadets. KIORCC was also able to share information on Korean seafarers and training, along with delivering the increasing inquiries and interest of Korean shipping companies on Indonesian cadet recruitment.

Established in 1953, PIP Semarang operates under the Ministry of Transportation of the Republic of Indonesia to educate and train Indonesians to become competent merchant marine officers, port, and shipping officers. The academy provides various services, such as STCW-based competency training, seafarer skill training, specific cooperation training and education, seafarer competency examination, dynamic positioning training, professional certification, marlins test, community empowerment training, and research.

During the visit, KIORCC was given the opportunity to meet and discuss potential collaborations with Capt. Tri Cahayadi (Director); Dr. Capt. Ilham Ashari (Head of Education Division); Dr. A. Agus Tjahjono (Vice Director I); and Dr. Capt. Akhmad Ndori.

Polimarin, the second academy visited during this trip, on the other hand, works under the Ministry of Education and Culture to provide vocational maritime training for interested Indonesians since its inauguration in 2012. The training available in Polimarin covers three sectors, namely the Maritime Business, Nautical, and Technical sectors. Along with the maritime aspect, this academy aims to integrate management capabilities for its trained cadets.

The academy is in the process of building a new campus, just under an hour’s drive from Semarang, and hopes to expand course types and increase the student body. This new campus has been supported by President Joko Widodo, and is planned to be opened by 2024.

During KIORCC’s visit to Polimarin, the organization was able to meet academic and management personnel, including Mr. Akhmad Nuriyanis (Director); Dr. Sri Tutie Rahayu (Chairperson of the Polimarin Senate); Dr. Capt. Bambang Eka Wibawa (Lecturer); Capt. Ario Hendartono (Director’s Staff); and Mr. Rahindra Baru Kumara (Nautical Lecturer) to discuss potential collaborations.

KIORCC wishes to continue facilitating Korea-Indonesia collaboration for capacity building in the maritime and offshore sectors. In doing so, the aspirations of both countries as recently shown during the G20 can be further realized in the sector for the mutual benefit of the countries.