The First Quarterly Consultation Meeting with an Advisory Committee in the Energy Sector

25 May 2023 – KIORCC hosted the first Advisory Committee Consultation Meeting for the Energy Sector in Jakarta, Indonesia. This Advisory Committee will be held quarterly to support the organization’s objectives in facilitating Government-to-Government (G2G) & Business-to-Business (B2B) Collaboration between parties in the Republic of Indonesia and the Republic of Korea.

Through these meetings, KIORCC will invite experienced players and experts in the field of offshore platform decommissioning and energy infrastructure development to provide opinions and comments on varying topics and projects in the field.

In attendance for this first meeting was Mr. Djoko Siswanto (Secretary General of the National Energy Council), Mr. Salis Aprilian (PT Proteknik Utama), Mr. Erie Soedarmo (EMP), Mr. Muhammad Zakie (Percie Mahakam Petroleum), Mr. Sudjono Suhardjo (SENA), and Mr. Aditya Pratama (Risco Energy). 

Additionally, two Korean companies were able to present their companies and projects to the Committee, while also learning about the thoughts and comments that these experts had on the projects presented. The Korean companies first included Korea Gas Technology Corporation (KOGAS-Tech), an engineering company with O&M service experience for LNG Terminals. They were able to elaborate on their target services in the Indonesian market, which includes LNG receiving terminal development, Hydrogen business, LNG cold energy utilization, and anti-drone system technology.

The second company presenting was KHAN Offshore. KHAN was the EPCI company who executed the Decommissioning Pilot Project in Attaka Field, and who also has experience in module fabrication of offshore platforms for oil and gas fields. KHAN further shared their global experiences in the field, which involves LQ and pipe racks fabrication, wind farm, shipbuilding, modification work, and more.

The meeting closed with a constructive discussion session among the committee members, which covered topics such as regulations in the field; small-scale LNG; trends in the offshore industry; future offshore projects, and potential collaboration areas in the offshore and decommissioning fields.

These quarterly Advisory Committee meetings are hoped to act as a periodic medium to exchange ideas and keep our mission on track on the curve of the energy and offshore sectors in Indonesia. These opportunities can permit clearer and smoother communications and collaboration between Indonesia and Korea to continue to support the national development of the field.